Do you love exploring the ‘vibe’ of the destinations you visit? Whether you just want to sample local culture on a quick stopover, have a few days before your tours begin or simply want to explore some of the exciting highlights a few days before your onward travel; our city tours and short breaks are a perfect fit to give you a taste of the action.

City tours and short but memorable breaks give you the peace of mind of safety and professional organisation in an unfamiliar city, as well as help only a call away, but allow you to ditch a traditional tour party and explore by yourselves. They also perfectly complement our longer tours too. You’ll get airport transfers one or both ways, a selection of activities and day tours, and some free time to chill out and enjoy your surroundings.

Our Victoria falls package is a perfect complement to our adventure tours in the area, and access to the region has been made even simpler with the opening of the Victoria Falls International Airport. It’s long been a bit of a hassle to access this splendid Unesco Heritage site- but not anymore! Able to handle 1.5 million passengers annually and even the largest jets, we fully anticipate the area becoming a hub for travellers- and a perfect way for you to explore the area surrounding this wonder of the world.

We also offer short getaways for South Africa’s ‘Mother City’, Cape Town, and the financial capital Johannesburg[affectionately known as Jozi to her citizens]. Or explore the beautiful surroundings of Zanzibar and Nairobi and soak in the sights.A short stay needn’t be a forgettable one! Let Acacia Africa guide you through the best these iconic African destinations have to offer no matter how little time you have to squeeze them in- the memories you make will last a lifetime