Wild wet raft ride down the Zambezi

Over half of the 6 rafts tipped over. Some rafts lost people overboard yet our raft managed to survive but at one rapid it was at 90 degrees. I was lucky to be on the upper side and hung on for dear life throwing my weight so that it would not flip. It did not!

I would love to come back in October or November when the river is at its low level run and all 25 rapids are rafted. I am told that this is the best time as it is more impressive and adventure fulfilling.

Want some adventure? Whether it be bungee jumping, canoe or kayak, river safaris, jet boating on the Zambezi River, microlights, helicopter over the Victoria Falls, quad biking, horse riding, walking with the lions or cheetah or even elephant riding, then head to Livingstone, Zambia.

I travelled with Acacia Africa on the Kenya to Cape Town Overland Adventure, while in Livingstone, I managed to microlight, walk with the lions and rafted. Really loved it and will go back anytime to do some more of the Adventure type activities.

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